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finding another path

Systems, soil and sensitivities

artists have the potential to establish a critical role in shaping and critiquing the narratives for reporting on change and transformation and the ways in which corporations can transform ‘giving an account’.

through a merging and mixing - composting - of impressions and sketches across disciplines that we create new narratives that can engage with accountability, and holding to account. It is through processes unravelling and remaking narratives that we are able to re-imagine the role of art and accounting and begin to rethink the role of business in society.

The physical and digital worlds have become sites for complex cross contaminations and entanglements. No longer alone, we have become immersed in systems within systems of increasing complexity. The role of the human and how we value nature, questioned and developed through cybernetics and art practice since the introduction of technology in the 1970s, has again become a pressing concern as we enter a period of exponential technological change.

Mc Guigan and Ghio state ‘it is time to be pushing accounting into spaces such as art and moving accountants away from traditional accounting assumptions, such as monetary unit, economic entity and time period, leading organisations more towards holistic views of their relations with society. By extending accounting into more artistic spaces, where accountants begin to adopt more playful perspectives, we might enable accounting’s disruptive potential’. McGuigan, N. And Ghio, A., 2019. Art, accounting and technology: unravelling the paradoxical “in-between”. Meditation Accountancy Research, 27(5), pp. 789-804

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