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Taking Time to Pause and study the natural world with artist in residence Linda Jane James

Creating and slowing down time
to pause and make quiet moments to wonder
Nurturing and protecting
Becoming sensitive to the changes in seasons
Giving nature a voice

Taking notice, a closer look
Outdoors in the shifting seasons
Responding to weather patterns
Germinating, cultivating and composting ways of connecting
With seeds, shoots and swelling buds
Observing emergence, changes and transformations
A journey of personal growth with nature

In times of pressing environmental issues and change we will take time to be still and reflect on the intricacies and beauty of the natural world, in the beautiful gardens of Glansevern Hall.

We will use a range of creative and sensory approaches to explore and reconnect with nature.  Spending time with the elements and circularity we will develop our observation and contemplation practices, immersing ourselves in our surroundings, taking our lead from nature and the seasons, following the flows of the river, the air, and a leaf in the breeze.

We will cover a range of topics including conservation, sustainability, preservation, biodiversity and habitats beyond our own.  We will explore flowers, plants, trees, animals, cells, anatomy, bodily systems, weather, geology, matter, energy, fossils, any of the natural sciences, water, fire, environment, conservation, natural history, processes, evolution, birth, growth, aging, decay, change. Earth - rocks, stones, soil, minerals, and the things that live amongst them.

We will use nature as an inspiration to capture a response and perhaps lead you to create your own works of art.  Each session will provide you with an opportunity to understand your interests and develop a connection on a deeper level for your own nature research

We will connect with the ethos of Naissance in our approach

Ethics First
We will constantly strive to be as ethical and as sustainable as possible in all that we do
Our success will be a shared success
Grow Together
Together we will examine the resources that nature has provided and reimagine our relationships with nature

Our group will be supporting and develop by learning together on our journey of discovery, driven by a passionate desire, energy and enthusiasm to discover and create better
Beautifully Honest
We harness the power of raw, natural ingredients

We provide open, honest and transparent dialogue in all that we do.
If current practices can be improved, our mission is to find a way to achieve it

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