follow the water

a change in outlook

a quiet moment

protocols, signals,

structures and


the tragedy of

power failure

At the mercy of the elements

Insects, in making their journeys, may range far from the place they emerged from their eggs, and often they never return to their birthplaces, but, unlike birds, fly on until they die. Animal Navigatio JD Carthy

         You have arrived in an unknown land where thoughts and utterings take their own course.  Matter and Natter becomes compost for later re-surfacing.  It will take time to cultivate.     It won't always be like this.         Please have patience while I nourish the compost and create pathways through which you can travel.             Hover like a fly-over the arrows and take the pathways that inspire your curiosity and follow with me on journeys of discovering how I think by seeing what I say.