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Linda Jane James

This is not a website, it is a place for composting, experiments, thoughts, images and ideas

Systems, Soil and Sensitivities

Examining the intersection between art, accounting and environment this site encourages you to take part in the emerging thoughts and ideas about how we can learn to become account able - #being_account_able

Wandering with Linda Jane James
Enter the compost

Hover like a fly over words and images or let the navigation arrows take you somewhere.  This is not a linear site, it is a complex web of connections with no destination in mind.  There are routes in and there are routes out and always circularity enabling you to go back to where you first landed to take other paths.  It will evolve, it will become unfathomable, if you find something and want to go back to it, take a note of the webpath for future reference.  This is a place to get lost in, to take time with

finding another path
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