I am inspired by small fragments of materials and ideas. Often ephemeral traces captured, taking time to stand still and examine what is emerging from a phase of disruption - loss, decay, abandonment, discarded. Holding onto a moment of energy bursting out, breaking away. The edges between chaos and stillness, the point at which something might be about to occur or has occurred.

The fragile, the insecure, people and things in a precarious state are of interest to me. Grappling with the contradictory, the absurd and the elusive in a world of so much for some and so little for others. I enjoy challenging the status quo, creating conflicting states and tensions to find space for calmness to emerge and vice versa. The elements, specifically the havoc wreaked by wind and storms, or small changes caused by the flutter of a breeze or a change in the levels of light .

My working process is open - ideas are fluid and contingent, kept or saved, discarded and re-worked - given new life.