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Unofficial Countryside

Before the land turned toxic.  From the 1970s with the greater prevalence of computers we have attribute a lot of the current climate crisis to the period from the 1970s.  The images in this work have been taken from two different publications and combined to make a comment on the changing understanding of nature today.

Accompanying the images are sound works that explore the language of industry and corporate life in relation to the natural world,


withthe land - Tatra book pages collaged with Garage Magazine cutouts - 1970s (2014)

speakers corner xx cm x xx cm accompanied by sound piece 'with the land' 3' 25"'

yellowlake 20cm x 17.5cm accompanied by sound piece 'the blackbird ' 0'52"

green cabinet 22cm x 20cm

pink ribbon 18cxm x 20cm  accompanied by sound piece 'emergency and absurdity'

green stone

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